Cemix keeps up with changing market


Cemix Drimix has developed plaster products not previously available in New Zealand, or which were restrictively expensive due to import costs. With a substantial number of new houses in New Zealand being built from permanent concrete materials, and a noticeable increase in the construction of high-rise buildings, Cemix Drimix identifi ed the need to develop a system for solid wall plastering that can be applied with a minimum thickness of 12mm. 

The solution developed is a two-product system. Cemsplash, a splash-coat (key coat) offers high strength, rapid hardening, and can be applied to painted, as well as unpainted, concrete surfaces. Cemsplash forms an ideal foundation for any wall finish and eliminates the intensive preparation techniques previously required for plastering painted surfaces. 

Forty-eight hours following the application, the substrate is ready for plastering with Cemplaster, a formulated mixture of graded sands, cements and admixtures which improves workability, reduces sag, increases coverage and resists cracking and shrinkage. 

Working with pre-mixed formulas enables plasterers and worksite labourers to concentrate on application, minimises environmental pollution and ensures precision.Cemix Drimix has also introduced Cemscreed-40, the first locally developed and bagged, high-strength, shrinkage-compensated floor screed mortar. 

Cemscreed-40 is designed for internal and external applications between 10-40mm, including pavement and floor repairs, overlays, shower bases and other standard flooring applications. Cemix has also introduced Cemlevel-40UF, a self-levelling flooring compound that incorporates antimicrobials to prevent the growth of bugs, harmful bacteria and mould, an increasingly important issue for areas where human waste or bio-hazardous spills occur regularly. 

The products are available through leading ITM stores, Stevenson’s outlets and other hardware retailers. If you would like to be one of the first to evaluate these products, free samples are available by calling Cemix Drimix on 0800 ASK CEMIX (275 236) or by e-mailing [email protected].

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