Commercial Award $2million to $5million


An “incubator” for hi-tech companies involved in research and development, the tenants work in a wide variety of areas within the software and bio-technology sectors, requiring offices and laboratory facilities. The building reflects this innovation with a curved exterior, and a light, airy interior showcasing artwork against natural, smooth and textured surfaces. 

This curvature required careful planning to ensure correct alignment of walls and ceiling grids. There is a strong emphasis on the detailing and finish of all elements of this building, with high quality workmanship demonstrated in all areas. 

There are also intricate flashing solutions applied around the exterior windows to accommodate the colour-coated iron cladding. Design work was still being produced after construction had begun, complicating the sourcing of materials, particularly the sourcing and manufacture of steel elements, as these had long (12 week) lead times once suppliers were identified in a tight market. 

These factors combined to require an innovative and collaborative approach to working with the client, consultants, subcontractors and tenants so that all required quality outcomes were met, while still meeting completion deadlines.

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