Key reference manual a must for specifiers


New Zealand Steel manufactures the Colorsteel prepainted steel range of products. Designed for New Zealand’s diverse range of environments with enhanced performance and a range of colours that complement every locality, it is the perfect product for all roofing and cladding. 

Colorsteel prepainted steel gives architects the ability to offer colours that either complement or highlight their designs, and match the diversity of our natural environments. The Steel Solutions manual has all the information on the Colorsteel prepainted steel range of products.

 When the building requires steel roofing or cladding, then product selection is important. This manual has all the information required for specifications and more. Steel Solutions is a key reference manual that every architect and building designer should have in their library. 

To get your copy contact: New Zealand Steel Roofing and Cladding Sector Private Bag 92121 Auckland Phone 0800 100 523 Fax 09 375 8213 Web site: 

• New Zealand Steel does not manufacture roofing products, just the fl at steel. The company’s customers make the roofing products.

 • Colorsteel is a registered trademark of New Zealand Steel.

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