Scalable three-tiered solution designed for building industry


Databuild is offering a three-tiered accounting solution designed for the construction industry. The fl agship is Databuild for Windows, an enterprise solution that services all estimating, quantity processing, ordering, scheduling, ecommerce and accounting needs in a single package. 

It is scalable from single user systems right through to enterprise solutions with several hundred users in multiple locations. The estimating module provides the end user with a comprehensive choice of tools to produce job estimates, bills of quantities, quotations, colour schedules, specifications and purchase orders. 

These routines include estimating recipes which will: 

• produce an estimate and bill of quantities in a few minutes, 

• produce a graphical take off that gives calculations of quantities, areas and lengths from scanned images, 

• produce a CAD link that imports quantities, areas and lengths from export files generated in CAD systems, 

• direct input to bill of quantities, 

• copy from standard designs, and

• have the ability to import from other systems.

 All preferred suppliers are listed with their prices and standard profiles which may be copied between jobs. The system can select the best supplier for each delivery within a cost centre by user defined rules such as price, locality and order value. 

A batch of orders for single or multiple jobs can be emailed directly to nominated suppliers, together with attachments such as drawing files. The accounting-orientated modules include posting of invoices that not only record commitments to creditors but post directly to job costs.

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