Grass roots strength


One of the themes that you often hear in the rugby union arena centres around ensuring “grass roots strength” — so that local players on the ground are well supported, thereby helping to build the All Blacks of the future. 

Well, the same sort of theme applies to the Registered Master Builders Federation too. One of our core strengths is the depth of passion and knowledge we have around the organisation — from our membership base, through our local Association boards and presidents, and through our various national boards and committees.

 That network is one of the Federation’s critical organisational strengths, and I applaud the work that we do in the regions to foster that local passion and commitment. Having been around the country a bit in the past few months, I have come across some great examples of our “grass roots strength”,


• a meeting at the local PlaceMakers JV partner in New Plymouth, where the Taranaki RMBA hosted an open meeting of builders to give an update on, among other things, builder licensing, 

• the AGM of the Wellington RMBA, and 

• a meeting of the Federation’s presidents. For the Federation to continue to grow and prosper — and for it to fulfil its mission of “leading a dynamic, professional and sustainable building and construction industry” — we need a strong national presence as well as a vibrant and engaged regional network. 

From what I have seen around the country in the past six months, it’s great to see that we have a great foundation at the regional level for that sort of strong network. This is evidenced by the number of committed people right around the country who are proud of being involved with the Federation and who are keen to make a difference. 

The future success of the organisation — and the future success of the industry — relies on us making the national and regional parts of our business work to the maximum benefit of our members. While there’s always room for improvement in that regard, we’ve got the right foundation to continue our progress towards achieving the strategic outcomes we have set for ourselves — and that’s just fantastic!

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