Innovative product converts moisture to seal from within concrete


Aquron 2000 Cure and Seal is the answer to combat problems with moisture in newly-placed concrete when floor coverings are to be installed. And while Aquron 2000 is a more costly option for sealing a concrete floor, the benefits of eliminating moisture and its associated problems far outweigh the extra cost.

Put simply, Aquron 2000 can accommodate today’s accepted fast-track building programmes by promoting a vastly quicker drying time than cheaper alternatives. The product does this by converting moisture within the concrete into a silica hydrogel.

This process controls moisture/vapour migration within the concrete and eliminates the risks of elevated moisture levels (ie, above 75% RH) which can delaminate floor coverings. Aquron 2000, applied as a Cure and Seal on freshly placed concrete, allows floor coverings to be laid just 28 days later, or when applied to aged concrete only three days after application, providing Aquron key issues are followed.

This compares extremely well with the accepted drying time of concrete of 25mm depth per month — and that is only once the area is closed in from the weather. So that’s a six-month wait for a 150mm deep concrete floor — not an insignificant amount of time to fit into a busy construction schedule!

It not only cures, seals and controls moisture/vapour migrations, it also strengthens and hardens the concrete, and provides corrosion resistance while preventing dusting on the surface. Providing Aquron key issues are followed, it provides a surface that can be directly adhered to.

Once the surface has dried after application, the area can be opened to construction traffic. In the long run, this simplified process helps to avoid problems for builders who think they are saving money by using cheap curing compounds which do not keep moisture levels below 75% RH.

They end up having to remove the initial coating by grinding or similar — which incurs extra costs — before applying Aquron, something they could have done in the first place.

So for fast application, a quality result and long term peace of mind, the Aquron 2000 Cure and Seal is the way to go.

For more information visit AQURON 2000 – Spray on 4-n-1 Concrete Curing – MARKHAM (

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