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The introduction of Dimondek 630 to the New Zealand market by Dimond has seen a change in the design of large commercial buildings. Among other attributes, Dimondek 630 provides the unique ability to eliminate step joints in roofs through its on-site manufacturing unit and, as a result, sheet lengths have increased markedly, with the current New Zealand record standing at 65.5 metre sheets of Dimondek 630. 

To cater to these ground breaking sheet lengths Dimond has developed an innovative new clip system which ensures strength and durability of the Dimondek 630 system no matter the sheet length. 

Features are: 

• The new clip facilitates thermal expansion and contraction of the roof sheet so that the length is not restricted by thermal movement. 

• The clips are one sheet wide and each clip holds three ribs of Dimondek 630. 

• The roof profile is locked onto the clip and previously laid sheet. 

• Each clip joins positively to the next clip to maintain exact sheet cover and positioning. 

• It is used specifically with the Dimondek 630 profile. • The clips are screw fixed onto the roof structure so no screw holes pierce the profile.

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