Institute aims to promote quality buildings


The Claddings Institute of New Zealand is a nonprofi t organisation established in 1991 to focus collective resources to promote quality performance of building envelopes. To achieve this mission, the Claddings Institute has identifi ed and adopted a number of objectives. 

These are: 

• to be proactive in the education and training of the building industry in matters which relate to the technology of building envelopes, 

• to provide a forum for discussion and exchange of information between interacting groups concerned with building envelopes, 

• to be an industry-recognised co-ordinating body on regulations and standards that affect building envelopes, 

• to encourage and recognise high standards of quality and professional competence in matters which relate to building envelopes 

• to facilitate the availability of advice as appropriate on issues or disputes related to building envelopes, and 

• to initiate and co-ordinate the efficient progress of appropriate research projects related to building envelopes. 

The Claddings Institute undertakes a number of activities to achieve its objectives. 

These include: 

• the organisation of forums to profile new building developments, new products and systems, and to focus attention on specific topics of interest to the industry. 

The main areas of focus over the past couple of years have been weathertightness of the building envelope, 

• participation in industry workshops and steering groups that provide co-ordinated leadership for the industry. 

• also, from time to time, participation in the development of standards and regulations that affect the building envelope, 

• development of an educational programme to provide practical construction experience to polytechnic students and/or new entrants to the building industry, and • the production of a regular newsletter to keep members informed of activities the institute is involved with. 

The Claddings Institute of New Zealand can be contacted at 41 Eden Terrace, Kamo, Whangarei, or by e-mailing [email protected].

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