New regulations prompt update of thermal Standard


Changing regulations and technology has prompted the Department of Building and Housing to initiate and fund a revision of the Standard for methods of determining the total thermal resistance of parts of buildings, NZS 4214:2002. 

The revision updates the interim 2002 edition with new information, and now includes a method of dealing with ventilated wall cavities. “The revised Standard sets out methods for calculating the total thermal resistance of parts of buildings in steady-state environmental conditions, and includes information to take account of the ventilated cavities now required in many residential designs,” says Martin Greenough of the Employers and Manufacturers Northern Association and chairman of the committee that reviewed the Standard. 

“The Standard helps designers to determine the appropriate measures needed to insulate buildings by providing a method to calculate thermal resistance of complex building components, along with suggested measurement methods for materials and assemblies.” The Standard is used by local government, architects and accredited laboratories to establish compliance with the New Zealand Building Code. 

It includes equations, tables of resistance values and practical working examples. 

Copies of the new Standard will soon be available for purchase on-line at or call 0800 782 632.