Strategy developed for global success


A group of Heavy Engineering Research Association (HERA) member representatives, complemented by members of academia and government departments, has contributed to the development of a draft New Zealand Metals Industry (NZMI) Strategy. 

The aim of the strategy is to assist the New Zealand steel industry to be successful in an increasingly global market environment. HERA director Wolfgang Scholz says this strategy is part of a wider manufacturing industry strategy development called Manufacturing+, facilitated by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. 

The vision statement adopted for the initial userfriendly draft document was that: “By 2010 the NZMI will have significantly improved its profitability and positioned itself as a world-class competitor.” The corresponding mission statement developed by NZMI reads: 

“To develop the NZ Metals Industry into a world class competitor by accelerating innovation and by strengthening its combined opportunities through the provision of management leadership, research, education, marketing, information and product development.” 

To realise the vision/mission statements, three strategic goals have been adopted: 

• Accelerate industry innovation and competitiveness, 

• Anchor the NZMI in the world market, and 

• Sustainability of the NZMI. To each goal, a series of strategies were developed and summarised.

As a result, the group ended up with a vast list of potential actions which require prioritising and finding champions who are willing to engage and drive these actions. The NZMI strategy draft was presented last month and will be further discussed at the 3rd Metals Industry Conference in Hamilton in November. 

HERA is especially keen to know what actions members believe it should be taking in to assist them in making their business more successful. 

A full copy of the draft strategy is available on request by phoning Mr Scholz on 09 262 4848 or by e-mailing [email protected].

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