Builders reminded to offer clients a building guarantee


The Registered Master Builders Federation is reminding builders to offer a guarantee to clients when they sign up for building projects. Master Build Services, the wholly owned subsidiary of the RMBF, has become aware that some builders try to cut costs during the tender process by leaving the guarantee out. 

“We want to remind registered master builders that issuing a guarantee on all projects over $25,000 is compulsory,” Master Build Services manager Bruce Richardson says. “If builders fail to do this, not only are they in breach of their membership but they are also doing their clients a great disservice.” 

Mr Richardson also highlighted the need to complete guarantee forms accurately. “Builders and their clients need to appreciate that the guarantee is a legally binding document. A number of important steps must be undertaken in order for the guarantee to be valid, and it’s surprising how many builders and their clients get this wrong,” Mr Richardson says. 

Master Build Services has employed additional staff to assist builders in giving the best value by helping them provide clients with a functioning and useful guarantee. “Lodging a claim can be a stressful time for many clients. 

Reading the guarantee carefully and making sure you comply with clauses means that any issues that might emerge can be resolved in a timely and painless manner,” Mr Richardson says. He urged any builders who didn’t quite understand the process to contact the Master Build Services team. 

“We dislike declining claims over issues with the guarantee. “It makes our job very difficult when we have to say no to builders’ clients because they haven’t notified us of completion, made final payment or have already moved into their new home,” Mr Richardson says.

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