Federation supports changes to WHRS approach


The new measures are being welcomed by the Registered Master Builders Federation. Chief executive Pieter Burghout says the changes are commonsense, and build on review work that was done earlier this year. 

“Registering WHRS payouts on the LIM report, for example, will provide protection for owners and reduce the risk for builders who might get called in to fi x issues that should have been fi xed by the previous owner who received the cash payout,” Mr Burghout says. Mr Burghout also says the move to a new specialist tribunal should result in better protection for builders and consumers. 

“Builders have been aware of diffi culties in some of the operational practices of the WHRS for some time. The new specialist tribunal approach should enable the process to work in a more robust and equitable manner. 

“The Government, Department of Building and Housing and the WHRS have consulted widely with the RMBF over a number of issues surrounding the announced changes, and the RMBF will continue to work with them to make sure a workable solution is reached,” he says.

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