Building Registered Master Builders for tomorrow


As well as leading and running a dynamic, professional and sustainable organisation today, one of our other main organisational responsibilities is helping build the Registered Master Builders organisation for the future. 


And one of the key ingredients to help build that future organisation is ensuring we are bringing our younger industry people into what we do. Going around the country and visiting Associations and members, I get the opportunity to look at how some Associations are strategically looking at membership 10 to 15 years down the track. 


One thing that a number of them do well is encouraging apprentices to participate in the activities of the Association. The Wellington Registered Master Builders Association is a great example of this. 


The Wellington Association holds open days for all the apprentices in the region, and invites them to join as apprentice members. They are looking to a future in which those apprentices will, in turn, become members of the Association, either as tradesmen or as full fl edged members. 


Future master builders don’t just happen — they are created from the ground up, as apprentices, by passionate registered master builders who selfl essly devote time and money to foster great tradesmen who, in turn, become master craftsmen. 


In its own way, the Registered Master Builders Carters 2006 Apprentice of the Year competition also contributes to this aim. The competition recognises excellence among carpentry apprentices, and endeavours to raise awareness of careers in the construction industry. 


Record entries 

This year a record 116 entries were received, up 90% on last year’s numbers. Staged for the fi rst time in Wellington in 2004 and expanded to Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Canterbury in 2005, this year the Apprentice of the Year competition is being staged in nine regions nationwide. 


The response to this year’s Apprentice of the Year competition indicates apprentices and training organisations are viewing changes in the industry seriously, and highlights the depth and capability coming through in our future workforce. 


We encourage all our members to consider bringing their apprentices into their local Association activities. There is a whole pool of future master builders out there just waiting to be integrated into our organisation, thereby helping to develop our organisation into the future.

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