Steel flooring — lightweight and easy to install


Dimond composite steel fl ooring is manufactured by roll forming G550, Z200 galvanised steel in either 0.75mm or 0.95mm thick material. Two flooring systems, HiBond and the brand new Flatdeck, form a composite steel/concrete fl oor system, which provides permanent formwork and positive tensile reinforcement in one-way reinforced concrete slab construction. 


HiBond has been the market leader in composite steel flooring for more than 30 years, and features a highly effi cient steel trapezoidal shape. It is designed for commercial and residential applications, and is particularly effective in multistorey construction. 


For designers of HiBond composite flooring systems, the HiBond Design Wizard is a comprehensive design tool that is extremely easy to use. It covers the full range of composite designs with HiBond slabs and composite secondary/primary beams, providing rapid and economic design solutions and evaluation of alternatives. 


Flatdeck is the latest addition to Dimond’s fl ooring range, providing easy installation without the requirement for end caps, thinner concrete slabs over longer spans and a flat soffit suitable for use as an exposed ceiling. 


Flatdeck’s self-locking laps means that it is very easy to install even for those new to composite steel fl ooring — and no accidental separation of joints can occur. The lightweight sheets (3kg/lineal metre for 0.75mm thickness) can easily be carried, making them ideal for diffi cult or remote access sites. 


The use of extra propping allows the fl at soffi t to be exposed, giving a modern, industrial look with clean, fl at lines. The fl at soffi t means that it can be cut to any shape — for example, curves or rake cuts — without requiring rake edge fl ashings. Excellent acoustics and fire performance are also achieved through the solid slab and fully embedded steel ribs. 


Designed for commercial and residential use, Flatdeck is available nationwide. For more detailed fl ooring information on either product, contact your local Dimond sales centre or visit for more details.

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