Better cyber service for building sector and consumers



The Department of Building and Housing’s new web site — — replaces the web site created after the Department’s establishment in 2004. “The old web site recorded 1.2 million hits in the year to July 2006, and I expect even greater uptake for the new site,” Mr Cosgrove says. 


“If you are a builder, an architect, an engineer, a home owner, a tenant or landlord, you will be able to fi nd exactly what is relevant to you, and quicker than ever before, through the improved navigation features.” The new site contains new content, including a building sector information section, and tenancy and building A-to-Z sections, plus frequently asked questions. 


“For example, if you have a question about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant or landlord, you can fi nd answers using the Tenancy A-to-Z. The Building Ato-Z provides a glossary of building terms with links to information ranging from weathertightness to licensing. The old site’s information and resources are also included.


” Mr Cosgrove says the new site also has a new “consulting on” hotlink where users can fi nd discussion papers the Government is seeking input on. “The site is an excellent example of how the Department is integrating its services. It provides information across all areas of building and housing — from legislative requirements, on-line services, ways to sort out problems and how to participate in consultation processes” he says. “It will be valuable for the sector and consumers.” 


The site is accessible for a wide range of users, including people with disabilities, people with limited bandwidth, and those using a cell phone or portable device to connect

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