Environmentally sustainable products launched in NZ


The Laminex Group, a division of Fletcher Building Products Ltd, is taking a leading role in ecologically sustainable design (ESD) solutions with the launch of Greenfi rst, a range of environmentally preferable laminate and wood panel products. 


The Greenfirst range includes Melteca, Laminex Low Pressure Laminate and Trade Essentials Whiteboard (all on Superfine particleboard), as well as Formica and Laminex High Pressure Laminates. The Laminex Group business manager Neil Jones says Greenfirst is not only important for the environment but provides a major breakthrough for those in the business of creating “green” environments. 


“The Greenfirst range gives specifiers, including architects, designers and furniture manufacturers the ability to give their customers what they want in regard to ecologically sound products without having to compromise any creative design flexibility,” Mr Jones says. 


Features of Greenfirst products include using materials with high eco-preferred content and durability, lower product emissions for better indoor air quality, and operations with environmental management systems and IS014001. All Greenfi rst products are independently certified through Environmental Choice New Zealand, the official eco-labeling programme owned and endorsed by the Ministry of the Environment and administered by the New Zealand Ecolabelling Trust. 


With Greenfi rst, The Laminex Group is looking to remove many of the hurdles that arise when building environmentally-friendly buildings, including cost. There is no cost premium on the products within the Greenfirst range. 


“Greenfirst was borne out of The Laminex Group’s longterm commitment to pursue the highest standard of environmental performance, and we will continue to improve our products as technologies advance,” Mr Jones says. 


Fletcher Building Products Ltd is working closely with the New Zealand Green Building Council in the establishment of the rating system for sustainable buildings in New Zealand. 


The establishment of the New Zealand Green Building Council follows a trend that has seen this type of council being established around the world in more than 30 countries. The Laminex Group is aiming to replicate within New Zealand the success the Australian initiative achieved, where Greenfirst was the first range of laminate and panels to be awarded the Good Environmental Choice certification. 


The certification makes it simple to identify products that achieve points under Green Star, the Australian Green Building Council’s rating system. Products will be added to the Greenfirst range as they meet the set environmental standards. 


“The Laminex Group prides itself on being an innovative organisation, and we hope with the development of Greenfirst we can lead our industry forward in meeting the ever diversifying needs of our customers,” Mr Jones says.

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