One year in the hot seat


It’s hard to believe that this issue of Building Today marks my one-year anniversary since joining the Registered Master Builders Federation! It’s been an outstandingly busy year, with a huge work programme across many dimensions. 


But in looking back over the year, I am pleased that we have made steady progress against the various strategic objectives we had set for ourselves for the year (and the next few years).


 In particular, as per the summary of the Federation’s core strategies as outlined in the table below, we have: 

continued to refi ne the membership “value proposition” such that it’s clearer what the Federation delivers for members, 

made huge strides around the brand presence of the RMBF, driven by such things as the House of the Year and Apprentice of the Year programmes and our own marketing work, and 

reinforced the industry leadership role of the RMBF with key decision makers, signifi cantly lifting our level of credibility in doing so. 


And there has certainly been a long list of action items on the work programme this past year, not the least being: 

the development of a new membership servicing strategy, 

the review of the Federation’s membership criteria, • the recasting of most of the Federation’s key membership benefits, 

a huge amount of marketing and communications work in the fi rst six months of the calendar year around various announcements made by the Government, 

a revamp of the Federation’s “look and feel”, including proposals to evolve the RMBF brand,

a total refresh of the Federation’s TV advertising programme, 

substantive volumes of work around the Government’s industry licensing proposals, 

input into the WHRS review, 

input into the review of compulsory home warranty insurance and professional indemnity insurance, 

making signifi cant progress around the work of the Master Build Services Ltd guarantee company and, last but certainly not least 

re-engaging with the RMBF’s 22 Associations around the country. 


And this is just a list of the top 11 items that come to mind, with plenty more besides. Sense of pride So, I look back on the past year with quite a sense of pride on what we have achieved — particularly given the hard work that the whole Federation team puts in — while recognising there’s still plenty to be done. 


This reminds me of an adage I was told in a past industry association I used to work for — “you need to go around your business looking at what you have achieved, rather than what you have yet to achieve” — otherwise you might go crazy! Perhaps the single biggest indicator of our success to date is that, when we randomly sample members of the public around what they know of the Federation and the work done by its members, 80% say that they would use a Registered Master Builder by choice for their building project. 


It really doesn’t get much better than that! I am looking forward to the next year’s worth of effort to continue the great progress made to date. One year in the hot seat 

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