Who is The Laminex Group?



The company has a number of market-leading brands, including Laminex and Formica. 


Environmental policy 

The company is committed to pursuing the highest standard of environmental performance in a way that is consistent with maintaining its market position as a leader of product development and customer service. 


This is to assist in ensuring the conservation of existing environmental values for present and future generations. 


Aiming for better environmental outcomes 


The company is committed to pursuing high standards of environmental performance. 


Its philosophy is demonstrated in the achievement of a number of goals:

ISO 14001 certifi cation has been achieved in all major manufacturing sites across New Zealand and Australia. 

An independent Life Cycle Analysis has been initiated for future development of environmental performance and improvement. 

Waste and emission reduction, resource conservation, recycling and sustainable development are demonstrated in manufacturing processes and the selection of raw materials. 

Energy use and greenhouse gas emissions have been benchmarked against World’s Best Practice and a programme developed to close the (small) gap. 

Greater use of wood waste as an input material into products. 

The use of wood sander dust and other unusable wood waste as a source of bioenergy, thereby diverting material from landfi ll, reducing vehicle movements and reducing demand for fossil fuel generated electricity. 

Becoming a key driver of change in collaboration with environmental authorities. 

Meeting statutory and regulatory requirements with respect to the environment. 

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