WelTec launches new Technology Cadetship scheme


Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec) has launched a new Technology Cadetship scheme designed to encourage young people into technology-related careers and to help businesses recruit and retain highly skilled staff.


Under the new scheme, young people will study towards a diploma or degree while also receiving training in the workplace. Students will gain first-hand experience of industry by working on real projects for their sponsor company.


Cadetships were partly developed in response to a nationwide shortage of professionals in mechanical, civil and electrical engineering, construction management, digital media, IT, software engineering and architectural technology.


WelTec chief executive Linda Sissons says attracting new professionals into these high tech, creative, innovative work environments is crucial to the success of the local and national economy.


“We must work in conjunction with the business community to ensure that our ‘skills offer’ is closely aligned with the requirements of industry.”


WelTec Centre for Creative Technologies head James Brodie says businesses are crying out for talented individuals that possess solid skills, the ability to solve problems, develop new ideas and learn from experience.

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