Builder Licensing — the latest from the DBH


You do not have to have a formal qualification to be licensed, although any relevant qualifications you do have will be good supporting evidence of your knowledge and skills in your field of work.

A qualification is any degree, diploma or certificate (including trade certificates) from a recognised education provider such as a university or polytechnic, or a registered New Zealand industry training organisation (ITO) or private training establishment.
If you’re successfully working in the industry now and can demonstrate the required skills and a good track record, you should have no problem getting a licence.

You will be assessed on:
• your work history and project records,
• technical references and client testimonies, and
• your understanding of the responsibilities of your licence.

Your application can also be supported by:
• any qualifications and training you have achieved, and
• participation in industry organisations and events.

You can keep up to date with information on licensing through the Department of Building and Housing’s web site at

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