Complex projects demand accurate management info


The construction industry is experiencing strong growth across the globe.

The need to manage increasingly larger and more complex projects often undertaken by joint venture partners, as well as the need to disseminate accurate management information on a timely basis, have never been greater, CSSP chief executive Neil Newman says.

“The CSSP tools, including CHEOPS, have been designed to do just this and ensure projects are completed on time and on budget,” he says.
Established in 1983 in Australia, CSSP has expanded internationally in the past 20-odd years and now has offices in New Zealand, Britain and Hong Kong.
CSSP’s suite of software solutions includes management tools for estimating, job costing, project management, document management, quality control and financial accounting for the construction and related industries.

More than 300 customers in 18 countries use these solutions.
According to the company web site, CSSP recruits staff from the construction and computer industries, which means they understand the terminology, technical requirements and critical time demands of the sector.

“CSSP is a world leader in the construction and allied industries with our philosophy of total integration of construction information management.
“However, our real competitive advantage in a market that offers similar products is our vast industry knowledge and the ability to develop flexible and adaptive systems using that knowledge to meet the current and future needs of the industry on a cost-effective basis,” Mr Newman says.

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