Fine weather, loads of kids and great fishing!


Wanganui and Dunedin have seen Carters Kids Gone Fishin’ events get off to a great start in 2007, with February bringing fine weather, loads of kids and superb fishing.
Carters Kids Gone Fishin’ offers kids and their families some quality time together in the great outdoors, and aims to introduce kids to the fun of fishing.

These events are run in association with Police Blue Light, run by Police Youth Education Officers.
Graeme Sinclair, host of the Carters Gone Fishin’ TV programme, donates his time to take the kids fishing for a day, while Carters helps out by promoting the event, providing funding and prizes, and organising the food, entertainment and transport.

Carters Kids Gone Fishin’ hit the deep south on February 18 in the Dunedin Harbour Basin, and was a great success.
It was the first time the event had been held in Dunedin since the nationwide initiative began several years ago. Two hundred kids had a fantastic day with Graeme and the Carters team. Graeme was a great hit with the kids and was thrilled with the day.

Carters Dunedin branch manager Maurice Blair says it was a wonderful family day with a barbecue, activities and even a few salmon caught, the biggest being 6.6kg caught by Abby Rhodes.

Support from Police Blue Light, Carters staff and local businesses contributed to the success of the day, and Carters Dunedin intends to turn this into an annual event for the area.
Wanganui’s day of fishing was just as successful, and space along the city’s marina was at a premium when Wanganui families took advantage of the glorious weather to “take a kid fishing” on February 25.

This was Carters Wanganui’s fifth year running this event with Blue Light for the local kids. Graeme was on hand again to advise how to make the fish look more impressive for the camera, and to give first-timers winning tips to catch a fish. It was a great day for the kids and their families.

For Carters Kids Gone Fishin’ events happening in your region see your local Carters branch.

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