Innovative insulated system the result of 16 years’ development


External Building Products Ltd recently introduced the Crane SolidCore System exterior cladding product to the local market. 
The CraneBoard system complements the well-known Masada uPVC twin-wall vinyl weatherboard system, Masada Soffitline and the older Series 2000, a single-wall weatherboard system.

The Crane SolidCore System is a new, patented, wide-panel, insulated weatherboard system.
External Building Products managing director Tom Niblock says the CraneBoard system’s Triple 6 weatherboard was specifically designed to outperform other exterior cladding materials such as fibre cement and timber weatherboards that require painting and caulking.

“The surface of the Craneboard panel sheds heat and light, which minimises expansion, while the bonded EPS backing has been developed to enable water vapour to escape through the cladding from the wall cavity,” he says.
“The back of the panel incorporates diagonal drainage planes that trap and guide accidental water to exit holes at the base of each panel,” he explains.

Mr Niblock says the Crane SolidCore System is the result of a 16-year-long development project.
“Crane Plastics of Ohio designed and engineered the world’s first extrusion die system to manufacture solid vinyl residential weatherboards in a joint venture with Monsanto in 1957.

“In 1976 the company introduced its own proprietary brand to be sold by professional installation companies. In the 1990s it developed and introduced SolidCore Siding, a new category of exterior cladding that incorporated an insulating EPS backing. It marketed that weatherboard system under the CraneBoard banner.

“An improved SolidCore weatherboard panel was released in 2001. It featured contemporary darker colours than traditionally available in vinyl sidings. In 2005 yet better surface pigment technology (Mycralar) enabled the introduction of the first true dark-coloured vinyl weatherboard panels such as Regatta Blue, Lighthouse Red and Evergreen,” he says.

Mr Niblock says CraneBoard is “one of the toughest and most durable weatherboards available”. The weatherboards systems will not rot or corrode, are impervious to moisture, salt spray and attack by vermin or borer, do not ignite easily and have zero flame spread rating, requires no finishing and very little maintenance.
They also offer excellent acoustic and insulation properties.

The Craneboard product has a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty against product failure and minimal colour fade, while External Building Products provides a two-year workmanship warranty against faulty installing by an authorised installer.

Mr Niblock adds that CraneBoard is the first and only patented wide-panel technology in the world, and the winner of multiple industry awards, including the prestigious Building Products Magazine MVP (Most Valued Product) award in 2002 and 2003.