Energy efficient hot water solutions that don’t impact on lifestyle


Increasingly home owners are looking at their energy bill and wondering how on earth it managed to get so expensive. They are becoming more concerned about the environment and looking at ways to save energy and water.

Heating water is the largest single energy use in homes — meaning that more and more educated consumers are demanding hot water solutions in their home design that really make a difference.

In response to this, Rinnai has launched the new Rinnai Efficiency Condensing Continuous Flow Water Heater. It not only provides the lifestyle benefit of endless, tankless hot water, but is also 95% energy efficient and, as it uses gas (as opposed to electricity), has a positive impact on greenhouse gas production.

So what does this all mean? As well as easing the home owner’s social conscience, a Rinnai Efficiency means lower running costs and more continuous hot water than you can imagine.
In the average household using about 500 litres a day at 45°, the new Rinnai Efficiency Condensing Continuous Flow Water Heater can effectively save the home owner nearly half the costs of using an electric tank.*

Additional digital controllers deliver water to exactly the required temperature, for example 38° for showering. In addition, the temperature is not affected by others using hot water in the house, eliminating those painful moments in the shower! So, all that’s left is to relax and enjoy.

But for the really smart, the comfort of endless hot water is now easier to install and enjoy with the new Rinnai Infinity Wireless Controller. The completely portable wireless controller offers all the functionality of an Infinity Digital Compact Controller, without the hassle of having to run cables throughout the house.

This substantially reduces installation time and eliminates the need to bring in yet another contractor.
This system couldn’t be more user friendly, environmentally friendly or wallet friendly. 

Fyfe Homes, who offer traditional family homes of the highest quality, use Rinnai, and manager Marc Denness says: “Rinnai does not compromise on quality and, equally important, they provide us with the after sales and technical support which gives us the security of knowing that if there is a problem, it will be fixed quickly and efficiently

Direct use of gas — better for the environment

Direct use of gas as a fuel has much less wastage. In effect, 100% of the energy is delivered to the home (or business).
Adding an extremely effective and efficient appliance to this (such as the 95% efficient Rinnai Efficiency) ensures the greatest level of benefit is delivered to the end user, with the minimum impact on the environment.

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