Quality sheet fixing vital


With today’s demands for quality products that are proven to stand the test of time and ensure weathertightness, roof sheet fixing is very important.
The sheet roof as supplied in New Zealand is of the highest quality, and builders need to be confident that the screw fastening the roofing material is of the same high quality.

With the introduction of Buildex Roof Zips, Ramset has supplied a roofing screw designed and proven to exceed the requirements of standard sheet roofing.
Developed by Buildex, Australasia’s most innovative manufacturer of self-drilling screws and fastenings, Roof Zips is the product of two years’ collaboration with the roof industry and extensive field research by Ramset and Buildex to determine the precise requirements of a new generation of roofing fastener.

The result is a revolutionary roof fastener which not only meets the needs of roofing contractors but also exceeds current roof fastening strength requirements.
The product incorporates a range of patented features. The new head design has 10% greater surface area to hold the sealing washer more securely, reducing the problem of washer damage.

The specially designed buttress thread reduces distortion when fixing to steel purlins, providing a robust connection and greater pull out strength.
The unique drill point design eliminates screw skidding and scratching of the roof profile, and allows for quick and easy installation in timber battens, steel purlins up to 1.9mm thick and thin metal battens.

It also does away with the need to pre-drill, even on steep pitches and lapped sections, and helps reduce the amount of swarf and “pigtail” that can cut the sealing washer.

Roof Zips also incorporate the many unique features found throughout the Buildex roofing screw range, including:
 HiGrip, which grips the roof sheeting and prevents water entry,
 ShankGuard, which protects the fastener shank from corrosion,

 Climaseal 4 Coating, which meets AS3566 Class 4, and, of course,
 Peace of mind through being fully covered by the Buildex warranty.

The fast, easy installation and versatility of Roof Zips, together with its multiple applications in timber and steel, is expected to significantly reduce users’ stock holdings of Buildex Tek and Type 17 screws.

Now available is the newly developed 65mm Roof Zips. The range is available from Ramset trade centres and all major rollformers.