Hundreds earn ACC Workplace Safety Discount


Hundreds of companies have earned the right to an ACC discount through completing a self-assessment course.
The ACC Workplace Safety Discount (WSD) scheme was launched in the residential construction sector in September 2006.

Since then, more than 580 residential construction small businesses or self-employed contractors have earned the right to a 10% discount off their workplace ACC levies.
In order to do this, they have successfully completed the self-assessment booklet and/or have attended the four-hour, ACC-subsidised (free) WSD Site Safe training programme.

In all, more than 1000 builders have attended the training.
The ACC’s Jennifer O’Loughlin says it was pleasing to speak to many members of the RMBF and the CBANZ at their respective association conferences this year who had completed the process.

Some of the positive feedback received included:
• communication on site had been vastly improved, leading to improved production,
• the course had fulfilled the requirement of some councils and other principal contractors of implementing a safety management system,

• an increased awareness of hazards. The programme had also encouraged young workers to speak up about possible hazards they may previously have ignored,
• Department of Labour health and safety inspectors supported the initiative, and
• the free training was very informative.

If you have further feedback or are interested in finding out more about the discount programme, please contact Jennifer O’Loughlin on 09 915 8142, or go to
To find out more about the free training course, visit Site Safe at or call 0800 222 776.