Rinnai Efficiency Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater gets you into unlimited hot water


Increasingly, home owners are looking at their energy bill and wondering how on earth it managed to get so expensive. They are becoming more concerned about the environment and looking at ways to save energy.

Committed to smart, energy-efficient solutions, Rinnai is proud to introduce its answer to endless hot water and added energy savings with lifestyle environmental and financial benefits — the new Rinnai Efficiency Continuous Flow Water Heater.

Gas powered, the new Rinnai Efficiency Continuous Flow Water Heater is, at its heart, a continuous flow hot water system, providing unlimited hot water with the added advantage of 95% energy efficiency.

The basic principle

By including a secondary heat exchanger, energy that would normally be lost is recovered and converted to heat in the water. This is demonstrated by examining the exiting flue temperature.

For a Rinnai Efficiency, flue temperatures are in the region of 60°C, compared to 200°C for standard continuous flow systems.

So what does this all mean to the consumer or business owner?

Using gas as a direct source of energy — as opposed to inefficiently burning gas to create electricity — contributes to a significant reduction in the manufacture of greenhouse gases. 1

In fact, electrically heated hot water produces nearly twice the CO2 emissions of water heated directly with gas.
Increased energy efficiency equates to lower running costs, as the same amount of energy produces many more litres of hot steaming water.

For example, in an average household using about 500 litres a day at 45°, the new Rinnai Efficiency can effectively save nearly half the running costs of an electric tank. 2
Available in LPG and Natural Gas options, the Rinnai Efficiency Continuous Flow Water Heater can be mounted on the outside of a house or building, freeing up space for an extra linen cupboard or room in the pantry.

Renovate with Rinnai for smart, energy efficient solutions that deliver the simplest pleasures like long hot baths and endless showers.
For more information or to request a brochure visit the web site www.rinnai.co.nz or phone
0800 RINNAI (746 624).

Direct use of gas — better for the environment

Whilst electric tanks claim 100% efficiency, up to 75% of energy can be lost in creating electricity from fossil fuels – as demand for electricity increases our reliance on these fuels has grown.

Direct use of gas as a fuel has much less wastage. In effect 100% of the energy is delivered to the home (or business). Adding an extremely effective and efficient appliance to this (like the 95% efficient Rinnai Efficiency Continuous Flow Water Heater) ensures that the greatest level of benefit is delivered to the end user, with the minimum impact on the environment.

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