A natural alternative to polyurethane


If you are looking for a beautiful natural finish for timber, Bio Paints Hard Varnish could be the answer.


It is a natural alternative to polyurethane that enhances timber floors and surfaces, and protects against water-marking and stains from spills.


The product looks very much like an oil finish, but with the addition of a blend of tree resins and waxes in the varnish it outperforms a simple oil finish.


It is not a plastic coating yet is still a hard and elastic finish with the added bonus of being a safer product to apply.


It protects the health of the applicator and is a healthier option for the home owner.


Bio Paints products have been available for more than 16 years, and Hard Varnish is one of the company’s best selling products.


Used by floor sanders, painters and the home handyperson, it continues to make an impact in the growing market for natural finishes for interiors.


Available in a matt or gloss finish, Hard Varnish can be used for floors, kitchen cabinetry, doors, architraves, furniture and children’s toys. It is also approved for use on toys to EN 71 and DIN 53 160.

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