Company pioneers climate neutral floor coverings


InterfaceNZ has announced an environmental first in New Zealand.


From July 1, all its InterfaceFLOR carpet tiles will be climate neutral, accounting for the greenhouse gas emissions over the entire lifecycle of the carpet — covering raw material acquisition, manufacturing, transportation, use, maintenance and disposal.


The carpet itself, which has been independently verified and certified by the Climate Neutral Network, already has a high level of environmental sustainability. Produced in tiles to ensure only worn sections need to be replaced, the carpets are also 100% recyclable.


The carpet tiles have a 15-year guarantee and the lowest volatile organic compound emissions of any carpet in New Zealand.


InterfaceNZ managing director Robb Donze says the developments are consistent with InterfaceFLOR’s “Mission Zero” — its goal of a zero environmental footprint globally by the year 2020.


This means, in part, having 100% “closed loop” recycling of all carpets or, alternatively, 100% biodegradable carpet with zero waste.


InterfaceFLOR is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of environmentally sustainable floor coverings.

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