Cladding inspired by nature


Dimond has recently introduced two new metal wall cladding profiles spawned from the beauty of nature, Sahara and Pacific.


Both of these contemporary profiles provide an eminent appearance that sets them apart from any other on the market.


Sahara, with its bold curved ribs and narrow pans spanning like the sand dunes of its desert’s namesake, provides a soft distinguished look unmatched by any of its wall cladding alternatives.


Pacific gives a stark contrast to this, providing a sharper, more definitive look with its fine ribs and broad pans, reminiscent of the peaks and troughs of the world’s largest ocean.


These profiles can be used to clad a whole house, or in conjunction with other cladding materials, to create stunning feature walls that catch the eye and create the desired, differentiated appearance for your house.


Sahara and Pacific wall cladding profiles are available in plain or pre-painted steel and aluminium, and they use the same paint system and materials as Dimond’s roof, fascia, spouting and downpipe products, allowing for ease of matching or contrasting these profiles with existing products.


Provided the correct material and coating is used for the specific site environment, both profiles are backed by a 15-year warranty.


Sahara and Pacific provide the best of both worlds, giving the cost effectiveness and flexibility of metal wall cladding with a fresh cutting-edge appearance.


Designed for residential and commercial use, Sahara and Pacific are available nationwide. For more information on these profiles contact 0800 DIMOND or visit

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