Cost effective alternative to high maintenance boiler systems


A constant supply of piping hot water is crucial to the working operations of many commercial industries. This high demand requires systems that are reliable and effective at all times.


Traditionally, hot water boiler systems have been used to service the commercial demand for large, predictable quantities of hot water — ie, the number of people living in a particular building with showering, washing or eating facilities, or for industrial machines that require regular peaks of water.


Committed to smart, effective and efficient solutions, Rinnai offers a cost effective alternative option to high maintenance boilers — a fast recovery storage system, the Rinnai Demand Duo.


The Rinnai Demand Duo is a complete packaged, hot water storage system, made up of one or more heavy duty, gas-powered, continuous-flow water heaters with a manifold system, primary pump(s), thermostat and a stainless steel storage tank.


The thermostat senses the temperature of the water in the tank and, when it drops below the set point, the primary pump is activated. It is this flow that starts the Rinnai Infinity continuous flow HD water heater, which quickly and efficiently returns heated water to the tank.


More cost effective and easier to maintain than cumbersome boiler systems, the Rinnai Demand Duo system is perfect for hotels and motels, apartment blocks, student accommodation, shower blocks, commercial kitchens and commercial laundries.


As the leading manufacturers of gas water heating in the world, Rinnai is committed to, and guarantees, the safety of its products.


Specifying the right hot water system for a commercial application can sometimes be a tricky matter, weighing up issues such as service access, floor space availability and running costs, versus set-up costs.


Not to mention ensuring you achieve the hot water delivery requirements specified by the customer. To assist with this Rinnai offers a free specification service.

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