Dial-a-drill — call Powerpac!


Powerpac Group has recently launched On Site, offering an almost instant turnaround time from order placement to delivery of essential items construction site workers often need right away to keep a project running smoothly and on time.


The Wellington-based company has sold solutions to New Zealand’s engineering, manufacturing, construction and civil works industry for the past 30 years or so.


It distributes and services several leading international brands of power and air tools and construction equipment, including Wyco concrete vibrators, Fein power tools, Flex power tools, and Estwing, Marshalltown, Bostik and HPM equipment.


A spokesperson for the company says a major problem on any construction site is lost time, especially time lost to procure tools workers might need on short notice.


“With the launch of On-Site, Powerpac will help customers achieve their construction site deadlines and save time and money.


“Some metropolitan areas will be guaranteed a three-hour service from order placement to on-site delivery, and an express one-hour service will also be available.


On Site has its own sales personnel ready to carry out demonstrations and trials of specialist equipment,” the spokesperson says.


Products available through the On-Site service are listed in a comprehensive new 100-page colour catalogue.


In addition, On-Site hires out equipment such as galvanised temporary fencing panels with anti-climb mesh infill and high visibility rubber feet. The panels are easy to move and comply with AS4887.


The operation also offers a range of products for the construction industry not seen before in New Zealand, such as high-visibility waratahs. To order the catalogue, call 0800 235 789.