Freedon to design faster, with confidence


New software offers designers more flexibility and features


Designers and users in the construction industry have been using Hilti anchors with confidence for some time now.


Hilti anchors are backed by thorough testing and an array of technical information to give the designer complete confidence.


As designs have become more elaborate, so Hilti has kept touch through innovative anchor design.


Unfortunately, according to Hilti, anchor software available to the designer has been unable to offer the same flexibility — until now.


Profis Anchor Design software is fully interactive, completely flexible, and offers the designer a host of new features exclusive to Hilti.


Profis has been thoroughly tested to enable users to have complete confidence in the design and output. It also makes the job of anchor design simpler and faster, using many innovative features such as:

Easy-to-use 3D interactive display,

Change and modify designs at the touch of a button,

Any shape of base-plate, any anchor combination, 

Design using any national or international design codes,

Complete design information for the entire Hilti range,

Produce workshop drawings, and

Comprehensive database of approvals, loadings and setting instructions.

The complete Hilti anchor range is at your fingertips — no manuals, no catalogues and no design guides. Everything you require is in one easy package — and it is free!

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