Industry breakthrough for time-strapped builders


Innovative way to order supplies just got better!


Just launched is a powerful new tool for today’s builders!

The first of its kind in New Zealand, E Source provides builders with comprehensive online product and price information, ordering and job management tools that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.


E Source lets builders take control of the ordering and delivery processes, reduce error and improve profitability.


Developed by NCB (Sourcing for builders) Ltd, E Source was successfully trialled amongst a group of builders before launching this innovative product.


Innovation is what NCB is all about — having established the only virtual one-stop shop for building materials, offering everything from foundations to finishing lines.


From one central location, NCB sources locally and globally, direct from suppliers and manufacturers, for delivery straight to the building site.


No retail store or yard overheads

There are no retail store or yard overheads, stockholding or storage costs to support, so NCB clients benefit from reduced costs and the increased investment NCB is able to make in experienced staff, improved logistics and innovative technology.


Operating as a Fletcher Distribution joint venture company, this partnership also brings the strength and buying power of Fletchers together with the entrepreneurial skills, vision and passion of NCB’s founding directors.


Available 24 hours a day

E Source is extremely easy to use, does not require any new software, and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on your PC or laptop.


Users can access up-to-date product information, order individual products or job lots and schedule deliveries as required.


Real time, client-specific pricing is instantly accessible, and invoices, returns and credits can all be kept track of, without the cumbersome paper work.
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