New sustainability initiative launched


Building and Construction minister Clayton Cosgrove has helped launch Concrete3, an initiative to raise awareness of the sustainable qualities of concrete.


Spearheaded by the Cement and Concrete Association of New Zealand (CCANZ), the initiative endorses concrete’s contribution to New Zealand’s sustainable development across all areas of economic, social and environmental endeavour.


“As New Zealand looks towards more sustainable solutions for the built environment, concrete’s credentials guarantee its contribution will continue to be significant,” CCANZ chief executive Patrick McGuire says.


“In short, concrete should be the building material of choice for current as well as future generations.”


To communicate the sustainable qualities of concrete and to further educate the construction industry in this regard, a booklet and web site has been developed.


“Concrete is produced from readily available raw materials,” CCANZ project manager Rob Gaimster says.


“It is durable, versatile and can be completely recycled. It also provides thermal efficiency, is fire resistant, has impressive acoustic performance and is integral to our infrastructure.


“Furthermore, major efficiencies and innovations have been achieved in the manufacture of cement and the production of concrete over the past decades, while the CO2 absorption capabilities of concrete are beginning to be fully understood.”


Concrete3 aims to assist architects, engineers, policy makers, contractors and clients, as well as others involved with the design, construction and operation of buildings and infrastructure to make more informed choices.


“Concrete has played a major role in the development of a modern New Zealand, and we want to acknowledge this fact. At the same time we also want to highlight its potential for even greater use within the residential construction and roading sectors,” Mr Gaimster says.


Ian Athfield, president of the New Zealand Institute of Architects and advocate of concrete in building design, was guest speaker at the launch of Concrete3, held at Te Papa in Wellington.
The event was attended by more than 60 construction industry representatives

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