When speed and accuracy count


Whether you’re drilling holes for wiring or plumbing, cutting out sinks or hobs, ripping out windows or nogs, DeWalt’s 18 Volt XRP range will do the job faster every time.

The new XRP 18V drills provide end users with a 15% increase* in speed of application versus the closest 18V competitor, an advantage that is most noticeable to contractors when completing applications that require large diameter bits such as self-feed and auger bits.

In order to obtain this speed of application advantage, DeWalt built each drill with a high power, high efficiency motor that delivers maximum performance in drilling and fastening applications.

DeWalt also made improvements to the transmission, allowing it to handle the increase in power from the new motor, clutch and switch. In addition, the new XRP drills have 10% longer run time** than the previous line of XRP drills.

The XRP hammerdrills (DC925KC/KAT, DC935KC) come with a 13mm self-tightening chuck unique to DeWalt drills. The innovative chuck system tightens throughout the application to prevent bits from slipping.

For improved performance and durability, the chuck is designed with debris vents that allow dust and debris to escape during use, which is particularly useful in overhead applications 
The XRP drill/drivers (DC920KA, DC930KA) are equipped with a single sleeve axial locking chuck, which features a locking sleeve that slides back to lock the jaws of the chuck onto the bit.

This feature helps to prevent the sleeve from unlocking during high vibration applications, as well as during drilling applications performed in tight quarters where the sleeve rubs against objects.

Each hammerdrill/drill/driver in the new line has a patented 3-speed transmission that optimises the speed applied to each application, offering end users maximum performance for various applications.

For example, first speed is ideal for drilling large holes in wood using large diameter hole saws and auger/self-feed bits. Second speed is ideal for use with spade/speed bits and screwdriving, while third speed is most commonly used for hammer drilling into concrete.

To provide maximum job site durability, DeWalt drills are built with a new switch, transmission and clutch, as well as an improved motor design.

Each of these features help the drills to withstand the most extreme job site environment conditions, and allow users to complete the most demanding applications.

* Claim based on average speed of drilling 60mm self-feed bits in 6 x 2 timber and 22mm auger bits into (2) 4 x 2 timber. Average results based on six applications using six drills.

** Claim based on average number of holes drilling 32mm hole saws in 20 gauge metal and 6mm x 25mm deep holes into concrete. Average results based on six applications using six drills.

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