Mobile unit brings H&S solutions to construction businesses


Smart Kiwi workplaces are keeping employees safe and saving valuable time in the process thanks to an innovative approach to helping health and safety compliance.
Wormald’s Mobile Safety Vehicle has filled a gap in the marketplace and could help meet the health and safety needs of construction businesses in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch by bringing solutions to the workplace, rather than employers needing to travel and purchase off-site.

The Wormald Mobile Safety Vehicle contains a comprehensive range of safety products and accessories, including fire equipment, breathing apparatus, personal protective equipment and spill control products.

The onboard specialist helps the business make informed choices that provide solutions for each workplace’s specific health and safety requirements.
Wormald general manager Keith Blind says the Mobile Safety Vehicle’s convenience factor — with a one-stop-shop interactive approach that allows businesses to view, order and receive certain products without leaving the site — is a huge plus, and meets a genuine need by relieving time pressure.

“We’ve been delighted with the response to this initiative, which confirms the strong interest businesses have in the safety and well-being of their staff and customers,” Mr Blind says.
“We know that keeping employees safe at work is not just an obligation, but a responsibility.
“We’re helping small and medium-sized businesses, schools and organisations such as laboratories do this, and in a very practical way we have helped them overcome a major hurdle — the time to do everything they want to do.”

“The interest these vehicles are getting shows businesses care about health and safety, but face the real barriers of time pressure, accessibility, inconvenience and the chance to make informed decisions. This Mobile Safety Vehicle overcomes those barriers.”

The fleet of Mobile Safety Vehicles is available to visit workplaces in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.
The vehicles carry a range of products and accessories, and aim to turn around most orders within 24 hours.

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