Real stone made simple


If you or your clients have ever wanted the beauty and character of real schist, but without the cost, time and mess of traditional stone installations, there is now a unique and simple solution available.

DesignaSchist is an innovative range of modular stone products, which significantly reduces installation time and overall cost by combining proven brick construction with the natural beauty and value adding qualities of real stone.

DesignaSchist uses the finest quality hand-selected and placed, pieces of real stone, embedded in a Z-shaped, pre-formed concrete brick.

This modular stone system has the same advantages as brick cladding:

It meets the New Zealand Building Code requirement as an acceptable solution.

It is laid exactly as bricks have been for hundreds of years, using a drained and ventilated cavity, and can be laid in less than half the time of traditional stone.

It is easily installed by a brick or blocklayer.

It is delivered on pallets and placed around the site — no messy piles of stone and aggregates.

There is minimal waste and clean up.

There are no substrate costs or risks.

There are a range of schist colours to choose from.

DesignaSchist can be used for cladding, interior or exterior features, chimneys and fireplaces. And the specially designed column brick interlocks on four corners to quickly and easily form a stone column that can be either tied back to a post or concrete filled.

Schist veneer panels, box columns, matching letterboxes and solid stone sills and capping complete the range.

For further information contact the exclusive distributors at [email protected].

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