Home heating a big energy efficiency concern


As we head into winter, one of the main household concerns is home heating. While the newspapers fill with the threat of uneven electricity supply, potential power outages and other doom and gloom energy stories, one energy source stands out from the rest: gas.

Cost effective, efficient and dependable — these words not only describe the energy resource, they describe the gas fires that make up the Rinnai range, fires that can heat your home, and alleviate some of those fears around energy reliability.

Both the Rinnai Reflection and Rinnai Arriva fires are stunning examples of finesse meeting function. They look brilliant and help reduce energy costs.
Highlighting great new industrial design ideas combined with solid, renowned Rinnai engineering research and development, these fires are designed and manufactured in New Zealand to suit New Zealand’s extreme range of climatic conditions.

Consumer magazine recently stated that: “The more energy your household uses, the more you’ll potentially save by using gas.” Rinnai Arriva and Reflection can help increase those potential savings, effectively and stylishly.

Instant Flame, Constant Warmth: Rinnai Arriva

Rinnai’s premium flame fire offering, the Rinnai Arriva, set a new benchmark on its release in 2007. Produced in four beautiful finishes, the Arriva also represents a substantial step forward in efficiency.

Specifically designed for optimum performance across a range of climatic conditions, the Arriva makes use of the unique Power Flue technology, an example of groundbreaking engineering innovation, developed by the Rinnai New Zealand team.

In simple terms, what sets the Power Flue apart is that the system uses a fan to draw air from outside to be combusted, ensuring that the already heated air within the room isn’t mixed with cold, external air.

Crucially, for the home owner, it means that because of this clever in-built fan boost, the Rinnai Arriva doesn’t suffer from the natural draft issues that compromise many of the fires currently on the market.

An added advantage is that with the combustion fan being in-built, the heater itself can be installed virtually anywhere within the home, freeing the home owner up to have their heating where they want it, and realising their practical and interior design requirements.

And, for even greater functionality, the Arriva Power Flue has a full feature remote, pre-programmed flame function and set-and-forget dual timer.
So, while the manufacturing team made the Arriva Range as functionally efficient as possible — the fires carry an efficiency and performance rating of more than 80% — the design team came up with four stunning fascias to ensure the Arriva looks beautiful in any environment and totally blends in with a variety of interior styles.

The Rinnai Arriva Plasma features a smooth sweep of flawless glass while the Rinnai Arriva Shine is distinguished by its cool, minimalist, stainless-steel finish. Rinnai Arriva Midnight presents, as you’d expect, a black, glossy wave of glass while Rinnai Arriva Classic offers the classic, yet stunningly modern, appeal of matt black steel.

These fascias are fully interchangeable, providing complete flexibility should mood, interior or season change.

Distinguished elegance matched to a sophisticated heating power have quickly made Rinnai Arriva one of the most desirable flame fires for New Zealand architects, builders and consumers alike.

Affordable and Stylish: Rinnai Reflection

The Rinnai Reflection fires provide an affordable and stylish heating option for New Zealand homes. As with the Rinnai Arriva range, the Reflection heaters combine the two key elements of effective heat distribution and attractive styling.

The revolutionary heat exchanger used by all Rinnai Reflection models is part of an overall system that delivers the potential to achieve high efficiencies, and so ultimately cheaper heating costs for the consumer.

Easily adaptable to most environments, there are three installation options — The Elevate, a stunning, contemporary, suspended fire system; the Advance, an ideal fire for masonry conversions; and the Amplify model which is perfect for Zero Clearance installations.

All three systems have been designed to provide problem-free implementations in a range of environments, and all three come with a range of powder coat options to ensure they harmonise with whatever room they are installed in.

The frames are produced in Pearlescent Black, Dark Bronze and Champagne Silver*, all beautiful finishes that are stylish and subtle, ensuring the fire blends in with — but doesn’t dominate — the interior environment. Even the wall-mounted control has a design focus, with flexible installation options and a look that suits any room.

Both the Rinnai Arriva and the Rinnai Reflection systems deliver a comprehensive range of home heating solutions that is highly desirable to consumers, simple to install and that will unquestionably add value to the home owners’ property.

These flame fires incorporate a smart, fresh aesthetic into their styling, making them a beautiful addition to any home, whether character-driven or modern.
Crucially though, while the systems all have visual appeal, Rinnai has ensured they are optimally efficient as well, delivering constant, easily-controlled heat in a cost-effective fashion.

Using the power and responsive energy of gas, the Rinnai Arriva and the Rinnai Reflection fires offer consumers the performance and reliability that they have come to expect from Rinnai Gas Appliances, market leaders and innovators in the category.

* The Advance model is not available in Champagne Silver.

• For more information, or to request a brochure, visit www.rinnai.co.nz or phone 0800 RINNAI (746 624).

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