Time for a business health check?


When was the last time you had a good look at your business?

With a new financial year upon us and uncertainty in the consumer market, it is a good time to look at business processes and review how you can work smarter, not harder, in the year ahead.

The Databuild system offers a comprehensive package that helps deal with customers, suppliers, subcontractors, councils and staff.

Developed over 30 years

It has helped manage businesses with a flexible computer system that has been developed over 30 years to cover the needs of the construction industry.
Databuild software can also help with many of the requirements of the Construction Contracts Act, reducing the amount of time spent on mountains of paperwork, and helping businesses get paid what they should, when they should.

Denis Crouch of Cavalier Homes (Wellington) says Databuild has helped his company to clearly understand the costs faced in the construction industry.
“We can price a building job more easily and with greater attention to detail to ensure that all our costs are covered. We can also see clearly where our money goes.”

Databuild incorporates:
• rapid estimating, including question-based estimating,
• graphical take-off,

• request for quotes from suppliers,
• customer quotations,

• supplier orders,
• variation and overrun handling and reporting,

• “live” job costing, and
• general ledger, profit/loss and GST.

This offers the complete solution to business requirements now and into the future. Contact Databuild for a free demonstration and a chance to see how your business can work smarter!

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