Dimond recognised for innovation excellence


The Dimondek 630 roof fixing system by Dimond has been judged one of three finalists in the prestigious building category of the bi-annual DuPont Australia and New Zealand Innovation Awards.

The system is one of 98 entries for the awards, and is the only New Zealand entry to make it through to the finals.
At the heart of this innovation is the revolutionary plastic fixing clip made from Zytel nylon. This clip alone facilitates thermal movement of roofing sheets, allowing them to expand and contract freely without the clip wearing into the sheets and causing degradation.

The longer a roofing sheet the higher the degree of thermal contraction and expansion is possible. The traditional method for combating the expansion and contraction of sheets is to use oversized holes at the point of fixing.

These holes allow for a maximum expansion and contraction of 20mm, which means using roofing sheets around 20 metres in length is at the very limits of the fixing’s abilities. 
For roofs constructed at lengths longer than this the roofing sheets have to be either overlapped or have step joints inserted in them with flashings on them.

This creates all sorts of limitations in the design of the roof and also the performance as it means there are many potential spots such as the fixings, sheet overlaps and flashing edges where leakages can occur and water can become trapped and cause corrosion in the roof.

The unique composition and design of the Dimondek 630 clip means that as well as facilitating movement of the roofing sheet with minimal friction it also provides an exceptionally strong connection with the roofing sheet.

This allows great freedom in the design of buildings and for the installation of large sheets of roofing up to 100 metres in length to be fixed free of penetrations.
The innovative Dimondek 630 fixing system has made possible the creation of some of New Zealands most impressive and iconic buildings, such as Auckland’s Vector Arena, Delegats Winery in Marlborough, Coca-Cola’s main distribution centre in Mt Wellington and the Fonterra plant in Hawera.

The finals for the awards were held in Sydney on 16 May. Keep an eye on this space for the results.

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