GANZ out to raise profile


In Asia, corrosion prevention is the essential factor in the economic utilisation of steel.
To bring this message to Kiwi users of steel in the construction and infrastructure fields, the Galvanising Association of New Zealand (GANZ) has embarked on a programme to raise its profile and the use of galvanizing.

So it was that technical manager of the Galvanisers Association of Australia, Emmanuel Pimentel, presented seminars in Auckland and Christchurch in April on the galvanising process.
His presentation covered how it can positively impact on all aspects of design, construction and achieving long-term reductions in maintenance and extending whole of life material performance.

CSP Coating systems general manager and GANZ president Jonathon White says Mr Pimentel’s depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for galvanising were unmatched in either Australia or New Zealand, and he provided an excellent up-to-date summary of the current thinking on use of galvanising for all steel structures.

“A lot of people think they understand the process and they don’t,” were Mr Pimentel’s opening words to attendees. “It’s more than just a coating over steelwork.
“When you consider the entire infrastructure, amenities and tourism facilities that exist, they all use steel and they all need protecting. And it’s the same in New Zealand,” he said.