Zip Level is back


After a short break, Ultimate Levels Ltd is pleased to announce the return of the Zip Level to the New Zealand market.

Even more important are the significant design changes that have occurred this year.

Zip Level has always been the ultimate time saver, but now measurements are about twice as fast.

Readings are more stable.

Even greater accuracy – within 1 mm

Sensor has more tolerance

Price, appearance and operation methods all remain the same.

Zip Level is now marketed by Ultimate Levels Ltd. For those not familiar with the product, it should be seen not as a new level, but a different way of taking levels — for example, you can’t crawl under a house and take under floor levels with a laser.

You can’t do a little bit of boxing or profile and the rest another time without “setting up” a laser/dumpy each time — well, you do “set up” a Zip Level, but it takes about 20 seconds. It is lightweight — just 5kg — and you can operate it your own.

For more information call Ian at Ultimate Levels Ltd on 021 292 4037 or visit

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