Safety plan includes one-on-one safety advisor support


Identifying a safety system that works for you is not always easy. Businesses have individual needs so it’s fair to say that one system does not suit all.

And some systems can bog you down by their overwhelming complexity which can sometimes result in a safety plan gathering dust on the bookshelf or acting as a good doorstop.
Site Safe’s Safety by Steps Building Safer Systems is exactly what it says — a system that allows you to work through it step-by-step — a safety plan that is structured specifically for small-to-medium sized businesses.

It is set out in a practical format to establish a safety plan for your company that is easy to implement and maintain.
Safety by Steps Building Safer Systems is not simply a safety plan that you purchase and work your way through alone.

One of its key features is that you have the dedicated consultancy services of a Site Safe safety advisor for up to four hours to work with you on developing and implementing your plan.
This allows the safety plan to be customised and specifically developed to suit the business’ operation.

Safety by Steps consists of a two file system — one file specifically manages office administration and operational issues while the second file is a site folder for retaining in the site office or vehicle (you can purchase additional site/vehicle folders so that you have one for each job that you have on the go).
This allows easy access to information that is relevant to the particular project.


In most circumstances an initial working session of three hours, followed up a few weeks later with a further one hour session is recommended.
Naturally, if you require additional advice and support this can be organised with the safety advisor who will help establish your system in a way that best suits your individual business needs.


Safety by Steps Building Safer Systems costs $850 + GST for which you receive four hours of one-on-one support from a safety advisor, along with a set of comprehensive safety information.

Also included in the pack is a CD containing all templates for your future use.
Contact your local Site Safe safety advisor for more information. 

Go to for full contact details and to view other safety resources developed specifically for the construction industry.

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