Latest innovation balances risk and budget


The new DP955 roofing profile is the latest innovation from Dimond. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand specifically for New Zealand conditions, it is not only stronger than traditional profiles, but also cost effective and faster to install.


The challenge was to provide a high-strength rib shape whilst allowing a generous wide style pan to allow for safe foot placement, resulting in less damage and fewer call backs to repair damage.


To meet the challenge, Dimond researched and used the inherent strength of the trefold arch shape for the ribs of the profile. The resulting shape is technologically advanced from a roll-forming point of view — a first in roofing, resulting in patents for the rib shape.


From a practical aspect, the wider cover width of DP955 (955mm) means fewer sheets are required to be installed.


The four-rib profile requires only three fasteners per sheet into each purlin and three straight cut notches, reducing the risk of error and increasing installation speeds. These features add up to savings in time and money.


With 40 years’ experience in roofing, Dimond offers innovative products without compromising on quality. This fully patented technology will help your next commercial project rise above the others with unique style and greater benefits.


DP 955 is available now for the upper North Island market in a choice of durable coatings and colours.

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