Discounts worth checking out


Workplace Safety Discounts are all about demonstrating good health and safety management practices, and are a great way to save 10% of an ACC work levy.


Using good health and safety management practices not only helps employees avoid injury, it can also help avoid the costs and hassles that usually come with it, such as staff absence, reduced productivity and official investigations.


The average “lost time injury” costs a business $4000.


To be eligible you need to be self-employed or a small employer with an annual payroll of $450,000 or less, or 10 or fewer full-time employee equivalents. 


The discounts apply for three years, and are available for the construction industry. Visit the ACC web site at to check for eligibility.


If you’re eligible, you need to show you have capability in health and safety management. This generally means completing a free industry-specific training course and returning a completed self-assessment booklet to ACC.


ACC will review the application and if you qualify, the discount will be applied to your account from the start of the current tax year.


To check out training providers and to download a self-assessment booklet go to Once the application is received ACC will review it and notify you.

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