Construction Industry Council welcomes Williamson’s appointment


The Construction Industry Council (CIC) has welcomed Maurice Williamson’s appointment as Minister for Building and Construction.


CIC chief executive Richard Michael says he was pleased to have an experienced, capable minister working in this area.


“Maurice Williamson knows his way around the parliamentary and political processes. He’s also very good at building relationships. He should be a positive force in the sector, and it is essential we have such an experienced minister,” Mr Michael says.


“We are disappointed, however, that his experienced voice will not be heard around the Cabinet table.


“The building sector contributes $12 billion annually to our economy and is a big driver of economic health and growth.


“The Building and Construction portfolio is also politically sensitive as we have seen from the fallout from the leaky homes debacle.


“Maurice Williamson’s experience will be needed in this area too. I look forward to working with him during this next term of Government.”

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