Done but not dusted . . .


Virutex, one of Europe’s most respected portable tool manufacturers, has produced a sanding system aimed squarely at the building and decorating trade.

Featuring a combination of hand-held and long-reach pole sanders and a super-efficient extraction unit, the system is set to literally “clean up” gib board and other drywall sanding.

The LPC97S long-reach pole sander’s light weight and fine balance mean a whole job can be done from the floor. Which means no ladders, and a much more comfortable — and safer — working position.

Virutex’s smaller LPM97S hand-held machine is just perfect for small confined spaces, and with its powerful 1200W motor you can use a heavy grit and a high speed for a much faster job.

Aggressive sanding

With big 225mm sanding heads and electronic speed control, both machines make for super-fast and aggressive sanding on even the roughest of surfaces.

A very handy feature on both sanders means you can disassemble one side of the sanding head for getting into those difficult corners.

At the heart of Virutex’s new system is its dust extraction feature. No longer does the sanding process mean everyone nearby ends up covered head-to-toe in dust.

The 1200W ASC482U compact dust collector takes care of that, sucking up dust (or liquids) into a large 25 litre storage container via an automatically cleaning double-filtration system.

All connections are quick-fitting bayonet, accessories include a carry case, and consumables are almost half the price of those of any competitors.

Virutex Tools have a strong reputation for innovation in the specialised portable tool market, and are sold exclusively by W & R Jack Ltd in New Zealand.

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