Key industry announcements anticipated at RMBF Conference


Well, it’s that time of year again. The Registered Master Builders Annual Conference is being held in Blenheim from 16 to 18 April and, notwithstanding the difficult times we are in, we have an excellent number of delegates attending and a large sponsor contingent.

We have a great mix of business and social events planned and a variety of celebrity speakers. Minister for Building and Construction Maurice Williamson will be attending, and we are anticipating some key announcements relating to builder licensing and restricted building work.

These milestones have been a long time in the making, and the RMBF has put in many years of work on policy development and working committees to get to this point — so here’s hoping.

A number of our members will be sharing their projects with us so we can all learn from them and collectively increase our knowledge. There is also a special BRANZ business session and panel discussion which will be very interesting.

We have a number of speakers focusing on business acumen, including Steve Lange (Tony’s Tyre Service) and Gareth Kiernan (Infometrics). I am sure they will impart their business knowledge and a few valuable tips, while Darrell Trigg and Bryan Williams will present on good business structure and practices, and Jane Henley and Rod Percival will hold sessions on “green building”.

We have an array of celebrity speakers that will be entertaining and enlightening, including Graeme Sinclair, Tawera Nikau and Ginette McDonald. Many trade stands will be available to peruse and we have an outstanding social schedule that I am sure you will all enjoy. I know I will.

On another note, I have visited a number of local Associations over the past couple of weeks and I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. The hospitality has been humbling and the level of engagement on issues very high indeed.

What has left a huge impression on me though is the level of commitment and passion in the organisation to improve things and move forward.
I am a member of two other institutes and, while there is passion and commitment there as well, it is not to the same degree as what I have experienced with Registered Master Builders.

With that level of energy and willingness the potential of the organisation is virtually limitless.
I first noticed it at Board level. The hours and effort put in are enormous, particularly during these difficult times. The same is clearly evident at Association level through the presidents, executives and managers.

This is an extremely important ingredient when facing tough times, and I am in no doubt that we have the willingness and passion to be as successful an organisation as we can be.

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