Still the world’s most powerful Impulse nailer


The Paslode IM90i next generation high powered framing nailer is leading the technology charge in the Paslode Impulse range.

Released in 2008, the Paslode IM90i Impulse framing tool has made a huge impact as New Zealand’s elite builders welcome the extra power from the tool’s superior 105 joule engine room.

Paslode’s European designers were challenged to develop a framing tool to answer the demands of a new generation of construction materials, and they have delivered in spades.

Paslode national sales manager Peter Douglas says feedback has been overwhelming, with new users embracing the leading edge technology and the extra power.

“As more IM90i converts join the revolution, Paslode expects sales to continue to grow in the elite segment,” Paslode national marketing manager Craig van Asch says.

“Our customer feedback has clearly positioned the tool for further growth as economic conditions improve. While we all understand that things are tight at the moment, Paslode will continue to strive to put the best technology and product quality in front of our customers because, ultimately, our professional builders demand the best.”

The features and benefits of the IM90i are unmatched in the gas nailer market, and leading a long list of improvements is the fact that the tool has 30% more power.


The IM90i packs a real punch. Delivering 105 joules of energy, the IM90i is over 30% more powerful than Paslode’s current market leading framing tool, and will flush fire 90mm nails into the hardest air dried or native timbers.

The IM90i is the benchmark in gas nailing muscle as renovation specialists have been finding out.

Low temperature performance

The patented fuel injection system and fuel cell technology offers performance enhancements that are unrivalled. The system constantly monitors ambient air temperature and adjusts fuel flow to deliver optimal fuel metering for consistent high performance in cold weather.

New low temperature operation limits mean the tool will operate reliably in temperatures as low as -15o C, making mid-winter carpentry a whole lot easier. This has enormous benefits for New Zealand builders as we head towards the winter months.


As the flagship of the Paslode Impulse tool range, the IM90i is packed with high performance features. Supreme power and cold weather performance is also balanced with refined European engineering that offers a range of innovations backed by decades of experience and global leadership in precision nail tool design.


High power: More than 30% more power than other nailers available.

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI): EFI offers unequalled gas metering control that ensures a consistent shot every time. The patented system measures ambient air temperature and automatically adjusts the gas dosage to optimise power performance in temperatures as low as -15o C.

Low actuation pressure: The fuel injection system also reduces the force required to engage the tool. This, coupled with enhanced shock absorption, reduces operator fatigue and improves comfort.

Self-locating fuel cell locking and ejection system: This innovation is designed to minimise gas leakage when inserting or disengaging the fuel cell, and does away with the need to double click the metering valve cap into position.

On/Off battery lock positions: Two battery lock positions allow the battery to be disengaged but still held securely when the tool is not in use. This prolongs battery charge time and prevents disengaged batteries dropping out of the tool. This saves replacement battery costs and improves safety on the worksite.

Removable magazine: The IM90i is fitted with a standard length magazine holding up to 40 nails for use in confined spaces. Also available is a high capacity long magazine holding 80 nails (sold separately). This magazine has been popular for high volume nailing applications, and reduces downtime for reloading. Changing magazine/nail options is also a tool-free operation, allowing changes to be made in seconds.

Eight-setting adjustable depth of drive: A new thumb wheel design is a refinement from the original tool that allows for finer depth of drive adjustment, and includes an auto lock-in feature.

Tool-free contact tip attachments: Changing out the contact tip attachments is now a whole lot easier. Simply unscrew the attachment and screw on another. This feature will save time when switching from application to application.

Improved tool balance: The trigger has been situated closer to the work contact element to improve comfort and reduce operator fatigue.

Improved ergonomic styling: No-slip molded hand grip and trigger to improve comfort for high use.

Reversible belt and rafter hook: A new compact belt and rafter hook makes tool stowage convenient.

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